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Dug Days Short Series Review (2021)

Dug Days 2021 is an animation, adventure, short Series Based on Pixar’s “Up 2009 movie”. This series, consisting of five short episodes running about eight minutes each.

Pixar stunned the world with their Oscar-winning film up in 2009, but I’d like to be very clear from the get-go, and I know this is a hot take, but up is not one of my favorite Pixar films.

It probably wouldn’t even make my top ten from the studio, but I still understand why it has captured the hearts of so many and that it is still a beautiful piece of animation

Keeping in line with their theme of adding new content based upon their old properties, Disney Plus will be streaming Dug Days on September 1st.

Dug Days Review

Dug Days  Series is directed by Bob Peterson and written by Bob Peterson and Pete Docter. Staring Bob Peterson, Ed Asner, and Jordan Nagai.

This series, consisting of five short episodes, follows Dug, the lovable golden retriever who can speak via his special caller.

The adventures of Dug, the dog from the movie ‘Up’ as he discovers the dangers of suburbia.

Our hero Coral, voiced by Ed Asner, once again moves back to suburbia with Dug by his side.

They spend their days with each other while Dug continues to get into mayhem, but also prove to Coral why Dug is Man’s best friend.

One thing that must be noted is that Pixar is doing the animation in-house for this short series.

One complaint with Disney Pluses Monsters, Inc’s spin-off show, even though I still quite liked it, was that the animation seemed a little bit off.

In Dug Days Pixar is precise and beautifully detailed animation is in full force. This is an absolutely gorgeous series that shows off all of Pixar’s ingenuity and creativity.

Director Bob Peterson returns as the voice of Dug and you can feel his exuberance with every line. He has captured the essence of Man’s best friend in every way with his performance.

The legendary Ed Asner also returns to voice Coral and proves exactly why he was the perfect choice to play this character.

To see these two continue their lives after the adventures of up proves to be such a heartwarming and satisfying experience.

My only issue with Dug Days is that there is just not enough story here, and I was left wanting more.

Unfortunately, with the decision to make these short episodes running about eight minutes each, the storylines feel repetitive and lack to depth that up is so well known for.

After getting to sit down with director Bob Peterson and producer Kim Collins, they shared that their favorite two episodes were Flowers and Science, and they are 100% correct in those choices.

These two episodes are gushing with imagination and heart. You can’t help but think how much more they could have done if they had, say, a 22 minutes runtime to tell these stories.

Nonetheless, that is a small plum with a short series that obviously has so much love put into it. Up is one of Pixar’s most beloved works. And they were really able to bring back what made that film so special in these five episodes.

Let’s be clear, Dug Days is not trying to have the weight or emotional depth of up. There is just not enough time for it. But what it is able to accomplish is bringing back the joy it felt of watching that original film in the first place.

So I am going to give Dug Days Series a C.

Dug Days Review

Dug Days can be a bit slight and repetitive. But in these five short episodes, Pixar have somehow been able to recreate the magic of up through the eyes of that adorable talking golden retriever. 

Thank you so much as always for reading the review of Dug Days Series. See you next time.

Dug Days Short Series Trailer

Check out the trailer of the new animation, short, adventure Series, Dug Days 2021.

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