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Dream Horse 2021 Comedy Drama Film

Dream Horse 2021 is  Biography, Comedy, Drama movie by Euros Lyn. It is a comfortably crowd-pleasing gait that makes the most of the story’s familiar formula.

Dream Horse 2021 Cast & Crew

Toni Collette – Jan VokesEuros Lyn – Director
Damian Lewis – Howard DaviesNeil McKay – Screenwriter
Owen Teale – BrianKatherine Butler – Producer
Joanna Page – Angela DaviesTracy O’Riordan – Producer
Karl Johnson – Kerb Pauline Burt – Executive Producer
Steffan Rhodri – GerwynOllie Madden – Executive Producer
Anthony O’Donnell – MaldwynPeter Touche – Executive Producer
Nicholas Farrell – Philip HobbsPiers Vellacott – Executive Producer
Sîan Phillips – MaureenErik Wilson – Cinematographer
Raj Paul – David PatelJamie Pearson – Film Editor

Dream Horse 2021 Movie Review

Dream Horse is a 2020 sports comedy-drama film directed by Euros Lyn and written by Neil McKay. The film stars Toni Collette, Damian Lewis, Owen Teale, Joanna Page, Karl Johnson, Steffan Rhodri, Anthony O’Donnell, Nicholas Farrell, and Siân Phillips.

This is about Dream Alliance is an unlikely racehorse bred by small-town Welsh bartender Jan Vokes. With no experience, Jan convinces her neighbors to chip in their meager earnings to help raise Dream in the hopes he can compete with the racing elites other horses.

And Dream Horse did debut at Sundance in 2020. And you know, I’m a big fan. I love Sundance independent films and I love Toni Collette.  So Dream Horse was kind of one of those films I was looking forward to quite a bit.

Dream Horse can be really much come about that, this is a sweet, charming, delightful and a giant crowd pleaser. There’s nothing harmful or even hurtful about this movie in any sort of way.

One of those basic by numbers sports dramas that again will have you cheering by the end and smiling as well. Now, yes, it might be predictable in almost every single story.

But I truly mean that like you could predict it from every single moment. Like, if something like this happens, you know, this is going to happen. If this happens, you know, that’s going to happen.

Again a basic by no sports drama. But even though it feels that way, the thing about the film is that if it’s going to be that way, then you have to succeed in the other avenues that make it at least stick out a little bit different than other sports dramas that we’ve seen before.

And especially horse racing dramas that we’ve seen before because there have been quite a few. And again, I think this film really succeeds in its energy and its charm and its delightful miss.

Something that I really much mention not all comes from not just the script and especially the directing that really films gorgeously every single racing sequence. But really much edits and brings this film together in a very memorable light.

But the big thing about the characters in the acting here is every single character has a specific personality to them that sticks out against the others.

And I think that is a big aspect of what makes Dream Horse a memorable sports drama that, again, basic by numbers, but at least it’s super charming.

And you’re going to walk out like if you don’t have a smile on your face by the end of this film, you’re heartless. I go to say Toni Collette is absolutely fantastic and she’s always great, but she blends into each and every role she is in.

I mean, looking at her career over the past couple of years, just look at hereditary to even now knives out. And of course, Dream Horse.

I mean, different performances in each and every movie, but always blending in and always becoming that character. That’s adding in one more bigger element to this all is the relationship between, of course, Jan and Dream the horse.

For me, I’m a big animal lover. And when you can really bring that bond together of how important an animal really is, I think it actually brings a story out to that next level and something that, again, shows that greed can get in the way of certain things.

But when you have great owners and people’s support system, it can add a lot of great and memorable moments and just something that, again, is just so damn delightful.

So I am going to give Dream Horse 2021 a B-Minus.

Dream Horse 2021 Movie Review

Dream Horse 2021 Release Date in Theaters on May 21, 2021, and Streaming on Jun 11, 2021. You can check it out on Apple TV.

Guys thank you so much for reading the review of the movie Dream Horse 2021.

Dream Horse 2021 Movie Trailer

Check out the new Drama, Comedy film Dream Horse 2021.

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