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The Hustle 2019 Movie (Cast, Review, and Trailer)

The Hustle 2019 is an American comedy film directed by Chris Addison.  let’s check its cast, review, and trailer.

The Hustle Cast

Rebel Wilson as Penny RustAnne Hathaway as Josephine Chesterfield
Nicholas Woodeson as AlbertAlex Sharp as Thomas Westerburg
Douggie McMeekin as JasonIngrid Oliver as Brigitte Desjardins
Deepak AnandSarah-Stephanie

The Hustle 2019 Cast


The Hustle 2019 Movie Review

The Hustle is a 2019 American comedy film directed by Chris Addison, starring Anne Hathaway, Rebel Wilson, and Alex Sharp. 

The hustle 2019 movie is about Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson star as female scam artists, one low rent and the other high class, who team up to take down the men who have wronged them. That summary is actually somewhat inaccurate.

Yes, they team up like once or twice throughout the movie for about five minutes. But really, this movie is about the way that these two characters butt heads and you have two major stars in Rebel Wilson and Anne Hathaway.

So I was a bit surprised when I just did not see hardly any marketing for this film, the lack of trailers playing before movies. I did see a trailer like once or twice, two or 3 months ago. But really, I’ve seen nothing for this movies, so that kind of scared me.

And the fact that you have this overcooked overdone premise that we have seen ten thousand times before, it is a premise and the trailer itself, it looked like a movie that does not belong in 2019.

It looks like a film from 2004. It’s one of those really cute rom coms that, you know, your mom’s going to really love. And there were people in my audience, a couple of older women down below cackling and cracking up at certain scenes.

And I think this film will have not a cult following, but a fall when it comes on DVD or when it starts coming on television.

It is one that you can kind of turn your brain off and watch and not pay any mind to. But that’s the problem with going and paying nine dollars for this ticket. I had to actually pay attention to this movie.

And because of that, I found so many problems and issues within the storytelling and the filmmaking. And I can now see why this movie was not marketed very heavily, because it is an absolute mess of a film.

Now there is fun to be had. Absolutely, because the characters are wacky and zany and they get themselves and situations that some people can consider funny.

And I did chuckle two or three times. I started to crack up. Then it got unfunny again and I did not. But I the overall story where this movie goes is completely and utterly ridiculous.

And if you start to think too hard, as I said, certain elements just don’t make sense. These two characters, there’s just really what’s the word? Inconsistent characters.

They say one thing at the beginning of the movie and then three forces of the way through they say something completely different. And just a very minor example.

Rebel Wilson’s character is a scam artist. So there’s a scene at the beginning of the movie when she’s ordering off the menu and among all of the different things that she orders.

Because that’s Rebel Wilson’s kind of humor. She has to make fun of herself, and she’s portrayed that way in almost every movie.

She orders two salads, and then, later on, it’s a few scenes later, she says to a person, and it should be completely irrelevant.

But it really bothers me, she says. I’m salad intolerant, but you just ordered two salads, like, 20 minutes ago. That’s just a small example.

The characters are inconsistent and the movie is inconsistent. There is a plot point established at the beginning of the film, I thought one of Rebel Wilson’s goals was to go and get the bracelet back from Anne Hathaway’s character that she steals at the beginning of the movie because there is a scene on the airplane kind of establishing that she is going to go behind her back and get this.

And then once Rebel Wilson gets to Anne Hathaway’s big mansion or home, she does something completely different, and the movie goes in a completely different direction.

And that plot point that happened at the beginning of the film is completely irrelevant. It’s like the movie forgets about certain things that happen, and then it just does this other thing or goes down this route or makes a very ridiculous decision.

It’s supposed to be a twist at the end, and the entire time they’re going about revealing this twist, I’m like, Did we just waste all of our time? What is the goal? What’s the point of the hustle?

The point is most likely to make us laugh because it is not to give us a good story because the story is not good. As I said, it’s inconsistent, goes back on things. There are no character arcs.

The characters are the exact same characters at the end of the movie. Then they were at the beginning of the movie. The only difference is that there is another character included in that group of Hustlers Now that’s it.

And all of the stuff that happens along the way, if you get laughs out of it, if you find yourself chuckling and laughing, then that’s the reason why they made this movie because they want to make the audience laugh.

Once again, the story, it’s irrelevant. It’s ridiculous. A lot of it doesn’t make sense. I’m like, Why are we here now? Why are we here? Why are we doing this? What is the goal of this movie? And I never figured out what the goal was.

It’s not to make us like the characters because they’re all despicable human beings. It’s just to make the audience laugh. And if you’re not laughing like I wasn’t laughing, then what’s the point of the movie?

Anne Hathaway does what Anne Hathaway does. She’s sly. She’s meticulous. She plays the character that we saw in, like, Oceans eight and kind of Cat Woman from the Dark Knight Rises. She is that character exactly.

And then Rebel Wilson is Rebel Wilson. That’s what she does. She always plays the same character. I want to see more range from her.

Even in the movie that came out earlier in 2019. Isn’t it romantic? She was a bit different than what we’re normally seeing from her. I wanted that Rebel Wilson. I didn’t want the same old standard Rebel Wilson that we get in every single movie. Unfortunately, that’s what we got.

Not to say, they were bad. They just weren’t as funny as I think the movie wants them to be. There are montages that skip through what could have been a character arc and montages that give us training sessions of knife throwing and characters doing these athletic activities that never come back to play in the story.

It’s like, why did we spend all of this time on this? If that never happens or anything close to that never happens. I mean, I know they’re Con artists, they’re scammers, so they’re going to run away from scenes and situations.

But what’s up with the knife throwing? Like, what’s the point? I mean, Yes, I have seen it trying to be a gender swap version of Dirty Rotten sound rules.

It did not managed to hit those standards, but it right. It’s best, I guess. Listen, it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever seen. There are any characters in wacky situations, and there is fun to be had. It’s just one of those movies that for me, false flat the characters.

And once you think too hard about the plot, maybe that’s my problem. A lot of it just doesn’t make sense. And it gets completely ridiculous.

Thankfully, it’s a shorter movie. It’s only like an hour 33 minutes, so that’s good. And Hathaway and Rebel Wilson, they’re likable. I just can’t get this movie to anywhere near fresh.

So I am going to give The Hustle 2019 movie a C.

The Hustle 2019 Review

 So let me know in the comment section down below. Did you like this movie? Did you not like it? Was it as ridiculous as I’m saying, or did you have a bit of fun with it? Because once again, I think there is some fun to be had.

By the way The Hustle release date was on May 10, 2019 in Theaters and on Aug 6, 2019 Streaming. So you can watch this movie on Amazom Prime.

Guys thank you so much as always for reading the review of The Hustle 2019. See you next time.

The Hustle 2019 Trailer

Check out the trailer of The Hustle 2019 Movie.

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