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Airplane Mode Movie (Cast, Review & Trailer)

Airplane Mode is a 2019 American comedy film. The movie revolves around A social media celebrity and his friend become trapped on a doomed flight.

Airplane Mode Cast & Crew

Logan Paulas – LoganDavid Dinetz – Director
Lauren Swickardas –  ArielDylan Trussell – Director
Juanpa Zuritaas Juanpa – ZuritaDavid Dinetz – Screenwriter
Lele Ponsas – Lele PonsDylan Trussell – Screenwriter
Andrew Bacheloras –  King BachLogan Paul – Screenwriter
Amanda Cernyas – Amanda CernyJake Paul- Screenwriter
Nick Batemanas – Nick BatemanAndrew Alter – Producer
Jon Paul Piquesas – PiquesAndrew Burkle – Associate Producer
Tessa Nettingas – TiffanyRon Burkle – Executive Producer
Brittany Furlanas –  BrittanyJeffrey Levin – Producer

Airplane Mode Review

Airplane Mode is a 2019 American Comedy film directed by David Dinetz and Dylan Trussell, and written by Dinetz, Trussell, Logan Paul and Jake Paul. The starring of the film Logan Paul, Juanpa Zurita, Andrew Bachelor.

Horny American teenagers fly to Australia for sex at the social media convention in Sydney. Will Logan survive his fear of flying? Will the pilots survive passengers not using airplane mode? Will anyone survive?

So this movie was released right to iTunes in the beginning of August 2019, and I was not very excited to watch it, but I was going to give Logan a chance to make quality content.

So I dove in. I actually watched this movie while I was in New York, and eight minutes later, I wanted to cry because this movie is terrible. Like, next-level terrible.

Like, this was my least favorite movie of the year until it’s all Angry Birds two. This is not as bad as Angry Birds2. To be honest, I don’t even think anything can get as bad as Angry Birds 2, but this was probably the closest of the films I saw this year that were as bad as Angry Birds 2.

This movie is terrible in almost every way. Let’s talk about it.

First off, the acting is really bad.  I expect at least some competence from someone like Logan in terms of the acting type of thing, because he really treats himself like he’s the biggest star, even though he’s technically never been in a theatrical film before. I mean, the closest was Baywatch, but that scene was deleted. So it’s not the movie.

He really sucks at acting because his acting is really terrible. It is definitely the best in the movie, but it’s not really saying much because his acting is really bad, and so is everyone else’s.

So what is the movie about?

Well, the film is about YouTube stars like Logan Paulas, Amanda Cernyas  those types of people who are going to a place called Hashtag Icon. Oh, what a lovely name.

And I’m like, okay, this is a very unoriginal plot, but Let’s see where it goes. So pretty much the YouTubers that are with Logan that apparently live in his house for some reason are like, Oh, my God, this is going to be lit. It’s going to be the best common type thing we’ve ever been to.

And Logan was like, Yeah, but he’s afraid of flights and stuff, even though he goes anyway. But the real main reason he’s going is that he wants to see his online girlfriend.

The visual effects in the CGI is probably some of the worst I’ve seen. Like, ever. It’s really bad. They still had some budget to work with.

I mean, you know, they had the budget to work with this movie because it was made for some reason, and it looks very ugly. I had to say it looks very ugly.

Let’s talk about character development. There’s none of it. There’s none of it you don’t care about a single character here. I never did. I never liked a single character. I never cared about one. I never related to one.

I never was like, Oh, I like that character. He’s pretty cool. I hope he doesn’t die. I hope he doesn’t do anything stupid. But of course, pretty much everyone in this movie does either one die or do or two do something stupid.

And there’s also a lot of bizarre things that happen in this movie.  For now on. Here are some spoilers for Airplane mode. If you really care about seeing it.

Let’s talk about the thing I did not expect to see and the thing that I did not want to see when going into this movie.

You see Logan Paul’s mom’s nudes of her. It isn’t that what you wanted to see? Thankfully, you don’t see the area down, but you do see her breasts, which I just did not want to see.

There are a lot of sexual references here, a lot of sexual innuendos, and stuff like that. It just made me uncomfortable. Like, I get their mature adults and stuff, even though they don’t Act like at all, and they want to be edgy and cool.

So they throw in these sexual jokes and they never work. They’re never funny. They’re just very uncomfortable.

Let’s talk about the humor in this movie. I never laughed at all. I chuckled once at a line that was probably not even supposed to be funny, but that was it. I never laughed out loud or anything. This movie is not funny. The writing is God awful. Like, it is God-awful look really bad.

And there are also a lot of jokes that go on way too long that I’m like, Can you just can you move on, please? Like, that’s what it’s called. You can move on now, please. Writers, can we not see this joke anymore, please?

There are also very annoying things that happen here. Lele Ponsas, she’s in this movie, which I loved seeing. She screamed throughout the entirety of her screen time. Every single second she’s on-screen, she’s screaming because that doesn’t get annoying.

It’s unfunny. The acting is terrible. There’s terrible humor and really bad visuals. There’s nothing unique about this movie. The directing is stale and has nothing to it.

I never cared about a single character in this movie. I never wanted to care about a single character in this movie. I never understood why things would happen. There are some plot lines that exist that barely go anywhere, and it was just wrapped up within a scene or two.

Guys, I’m going to give Airplane Mode movie an F.

Airplane Mode Review

The Airplane Mode was release in Theaters on Aug 2, 2019 and Streaming on Aug 9, 2019. So you can watch this movie on Amazon Prime

Guys thank you so much as always for reading the review of Airplane Mode movie. See you next time.

Airplane Mode Trailer

Watch now the trailer of the comdey movie Airplane Mode 2019.

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