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Dora and the Lost City of Gold Movie

Dora and the Lost City of Gold Movie Review:

Dora and the Lost City of Gold Movie comes to us from the director of the Muppets. And the Muppets most wanted. Stars Isabela Merced as the lead character and is the adaptation of the famous Nickelodeon show Dora the Explorer.

And in this film, Dora was raised in the jungle by her parents played by Michael Peña and Eva Longoria. She loves the jungle. She feels very comfortable there but when she goes to high school in the city, She realizes that her jungle ways aren’t exactly normal for most kids her age.

And eventually finds herself in some other kids kidnapped by some mercenaries thrown back in the jungle where she can use all of her expertise to show them what it’s like to truly be an explorer.

I miss to Dora the Explorer when it cames out. I was too old to appreciate it. Like it would come on TV sometimes and should be like where’re the flashlights. And I’m like “That’s right there”.

But if you were really young kid at that time that show probably meant something to you. And if you learn something from that. I mean why would I ever care about that. That’s great you should be entertained while learning.

I had Sesame Street for that. So I was pleasantly surprised this movie was at least watchable for an older person. there is little tributes to what I understand are elements of the show, but like again I’m not the target audience.

Which is something I do want to talk about because it is really easy to just feel like trashing this movie. I don’t know why it just this. Little kids are probably gonna love this thing. They’re probably gonna watch this and feel like they’re experiencing something just ever so slightly more edgy than there used to.

Because there’s action in the movie. There sequences in the jungle where they’re figuring out puzzles. And you know it’s like tomb raider light kind of. You know like for really little kids they’re gonna look at this movie and probably have a good time with it.

But for me, there were so many elements recycled from other films that started to bother me. Particularly in the third act. This movie 100 percent becomes Indiana Jones and the last crusade.

I mean almost beat for beat last crusade. It’s slightly shameless and I kept waiting for it to stop being the last crusade. And it kept being the last crusade. Isabela Merced as Dora is really good.

She has this and less enthusiasm. She’s really excited all the time. She clearly is completely on board for this role. And the film does have a gleeful optimism to it. That is rather infectious and even if you’re kind of a cynical person it’s hard not to smile with how excited.

She gets about learning which I think is the best thing for kids to get out of this movie. Because for the kids that are going to see this movie I feel like the film is actually working pretty hard to entertain them.

The film is actually trying to find a way to make adults and kids laugh, it doesn’t always work. I went into this movie legitimately thinking like “oh boy here we go” and you know what that’s fine. I really don’t get the point of trashing this movie.

I think if you do that’s fine but really why are you. Especially, if you’re an adult, like what is like the benefit of getting really angry about this film. I don’t see it. I feel like kids are going to go to this movie. And maybe there’s just being babysat for like 100 minutes by the film.

If they feel like they had a little adventure and something meant something to them. That’s great for them. I just wish the movie it wasn’t so much of a copy and paste rip off of like Tomb Raider in Indiana Jones scenes we have seen so many times.

Yes, the movie is kind of tongue in cheek aware of it. And the characters will actually say like “Oh! this is a jungle puzzle I’ve seen movies before so I know this is a jungle puzzle” and I’m like home.

But to me, it kind of came off like “Hey we know this seems a big copy so we’ll just have one of the funny characters say that they’ve seen movies”. And that gives us an excuse for the copy of Tomb Raider in Indiana Jones.

So that elements like as an adult that kind of bugged me, but I don’t know. Kids are going to have fun with this movie. I really don’t think it’s an issue. But when it comes to movies like this that are aimed exclusively at young kids. I start to think to myself what exactly is this movie’s job.

has a moral some kind of lesson that kids can appreciate and walk away from entertain them, don’t pander to them, don’t make the kids feel stupid, don’t just resort to fart and poop jokes, which by the way this movie does.

So I’m taken that one away. A lot of foreign poop jokes. It’s not like all the time but there are Fairmount. It does teach kids a lesson. There is a good thing about family in here and that’s a good thing about respecting people who are different just because they’re from someplace else.

That’s also good for kids to learn. And I do think it will entertain kids because it has plenty of sequences that are pretty fun. Still, I wish she was just slightly more original. Also, I’m glad it’s called Dora and the Lost City of Gold movie.

You wanna know why. One of my ultimate pet peeves of all time. When I was younger was Dora the Explorer. I always wanted to call it Dora the Explora. Because it just sounds better. Is anyone else feel that way am I the only one. That’s fine.

I’ll give Dora and the Lost City of Gold movie a C-Plus. I think it does what it’s supposed to do for kids and is competent enough. But it could have been just slightly better. It could have been a little more inclusive in regards to the family. But this one I think strictly young kids.

Thank you guys for reading my review for Dora and the Lost City of Gold movie. Look forward to more reviews very soon. See you next time.

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