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Dark Waters Movie

Dark Waters Movie Review 

Dark Waters movie was directed by Todd Haynes, and stars Mark Ruffalo as a corporate defense attorney, taking on DuPont. And that’s because a farmer in Ohio reports to this lawyer, that 190 of his cows have died.

Their teeth were rotted out some of them had tumors, and residents in this town have black teeth, and some of their children are born with facial deformities. This is the true story of Robert Bilott.

Robert Bilott is a lawyer who went up against Dupont for these extreme things that I’ve just mentioned, and it hits really home for me because a lot of this movie takes place in Ohio not too far away from where I live, and this is not an old true story.

This went on very recently, and tons of evidence was on covered. The advertising for this movie I think is really bad. It has the most boring poster of the year and a confusing trailer that doesn’t really sell the point of this movie.

Everyone should experience this film. You all should know exactly what happened, what we have all been exposed to. Just about every single one of you watching this video has the chemical in your system, that this film is exploring.

It’s just that there are deadly and non-deadly doses, and exposure, but most of us have it in our system because of Dupont and what they did, and this movie is telling a lengthy history of pollution that happened because of a stupid people just wanted to make some money and it’s in raging.

This is a maddening movie and it can really get you past off. I love movies about obsession when one guy is just so into something Zodiac movie is one of the best ones. this is a pretty good one.

And Mark Ruffalo gives one of his best performances in a long time in this movie. I loved seeing him play a character outside of the home. This reminded me of how great of an actor he is.

Don’t get me wrong, I do actually love him as Bruce Banner, but I was first exposed to him as an actor far before that. And I’ve always loved his work and he is excellent here.

Tim Robbins is also good. I don’t see him that much anymore. He is really good in this movie. At first I was thinking man this is kind of a thankless role. She plays his wife just stay at home mom.

And just really have that much to do it first, but towards the latter half of the movie after he becomes so deathly obsessed with this case, her character really gets to have a lot of moments to shine.

I honestly do not expect to be so affected by this movie, and some of it is because it hit so close to home for me. Because I heard a lot about the chemical and the products that is specifically under a lot of scrutinies in this movie as a kid, and I had it in my house.

You know like these are things that are really scary. I love horror movies but they’re just they’re fun. You know, to me the scariest thing are these true-life stories of chemical companies that just completely kill over thousands of people for a profit.

This movie was nothing like I expected it to be. Again, I think the advertising in the marketing was really off base for the film. I think it’s a lot more interesting and exciting even than I expected it to be.

Although, it might be about 10-15 minutes too long. there’s a point where I legitimately thought the movie was over, but there’s more to learn. And it’s sometimes the kind of scenes where a movie might have text at the end to say like this happen next in this happen next.

And while this movie does have that text, there’s like 10 or 15 minutes that keep going, that I thought. I felt like it ended already but you can’t help but respect this lawyer Robert a lot for doing what he did his firm for standing by him and his family especially for standing by him you got to give the man some respect.

I’m gonna give Dark Waters movie an A-minus. Guys, thank you so much for reading my Dark Waters movie review. Look forward for more reviews soon. See you next time.

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