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Charlie’s Angels Movie

Charlie’s Angels Movie Review

Charlie’s Angels movie 2019 was directed by  Elizabeth Banks and is yet another movie based off the popular television show. This time the angels are played by  Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska. And Elizabeth Banks and Patrick Stewart both star as Bodley’s.

This film is about a young systems engineer who thinks that some technology her company is developing is potentially very dangerous. So the angels are dispatched to hopefully solve the mystery of this potentially world-ending item.

I never watch Charlie’s Angels show that much and I did not like make cheese Charlie’s angels films at all. I thought they were really bad, really cheesy and just they weren’t the types of movies that I want to see.

So I don’t really have much anticipation for this movie although, I do really like Kristen Stewart. I think she’s a very talented incredible actress and she often gets way too much hate just because she was at one point time in a really shitty franchise.

She since proving herself to be an amazing actress. Elizabeth Banks directed Pitch perfect 2 before this and she’s never directed action before. So I thought that was an interesting choice to have her behind the camera because obviously, this is going to be a very action-heavy movie.

Charlie’s Angels movie 2019 is by no means as bad as some people want it to be or even saying it is. But it’s also extremely forgettable and very bland. The chemistry between the 3 leads that was excellent. I think the three of them work really well together.

You can tell they had a great time making the movie. Kristen Stewart is at times actually kind of funny in the movie, which was weird. Like I’ve never really seen her try comedy like this before and sometimes the jokes just didn’t work. They didn’t land at all.

Ella Balinska who is a relative newcomer was also really good in the movie. She did a lot of her own stunts. And Naomi Scott, I think is better in this movie than she was in Aladdin. Aladdin was just filled with awful performances but here she was actually pretty good.

So they did a good job of picking actors who work well together who are photogenic who look great whether kicking ass. Beyond that, this movie is extremely mediocre and this is entirely due to the direction and script.

Both of which come from Elizabeth Banks. Who has like in other films he’s been very very good in movies before I think she’s super talented. Behind the camera filming action scenes though this film could have done with the director more experience with action scenes.

The fight sequences in the choreography has a tendency to be stitched together with various cutaways and inserts sort of cobble together to create the illusion of movement. For instance, if one of the angels jumps onto a guy’s back and put him in a headlock.

But while doing that she sort of pushes yourself off of a wall with her boot. And then leaps onto the guy. You get the insert of the boot jumping off the wall. You get the insert of the hand going around the neck. And then you get the wide of the actress on top of the guy.

And it’s that sort of thrown together slapdash way of making these action scenes that made them super-super boring. We’ve been blessed with a lot of really great action films as of late. And it’s very clear that the audience tends to per for whites. We like to see the actors doing things.

they can’t force actors who don’t want to do stunts, to do stunts. And that’s were casting comes in, if you’re after doesn’t want to do stunts don’t cast them. Just don’t. I understand there are certain things that actors just don’t have to do, that’s totally fine.

There’s liability and insurance and all that bullshit, but don’t cast the superspy unless they want to do some super-spy stuff besides just like close-ups and shadow boxing. I mean one Kiana Reeves is in his fifties getting thrown around a room by multiple guys half his age, when you see a film like this it feels lazy.

It feels like they just didn’t try hard enough. When you watch action scenes that are pasted together like that. And you have a knowledge of how action scenes are filmed. It’s never going to be as exciting as when you see the people onscreen doing it with limited cuts.

And what’s so strange to me about this, is that the cinematographer for this movie is bill pope, yeah that bill pope. He’s been behind the camera of some of the best action movies of the past 20 years. And so it’s definitely not his fault. This is a choice. This is an editing choice. This is an onset choice to film the scenes in this very bland way.

And I think it actually tank a lot of the movie for me. If you took these three girls with the same humor and you threw them into really incredible action scenes, I would be positively reviewing this movie right now. But I don’t think that Elizabeth Banks directed the action as good as it could be.

And I don’t have any reason to want this movie to fail. There’s a lot of people who want this film to fail because of various agendas they have. I just want to be entertained. I’m gonna give Charlie’s Angels Movie 2019 a C-minus.

Guys thank you so much as always for reading my reviews. Look forward to more reviews very soon. See you next time with another movie review,

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