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Butterfly Kisses Movie 2018

Butterfly Kisses Movie is a 2018 horror film, that tels a story of a filmmaker discovers a box of videotapes depicting a disturbing student film project about an urban legend known as Peeping Tom. As he sets out to prove the footage is real, he becomes obsessed, along with the film crew following him.

Butterfly Kisses Movie Cast

Gavin York HimselfCarlo Glorioso Producer
Erik Kristopher Myers DirectorCory Okouchi Producer
Erik Kristopher Myers ScreenwriterErik Kristopher Myers Film Editor
Erik Kristopher Myers ProducerGavin York Film Editor


Butterfly Kisses Movie Review

Today I will talk about a film that I saw recently that had a major impact on me and I could find very little information about the movie. I have since reached out to the filmmaker and had some discussions about the film.

Butterfly kisses is a mockumentary that utilizes found footage combined with the documentary approach, to tell the story of a filmmaker who finds a box filled with tapes and when he watches them he sees 2 kids who are recording their efforts to contact a local ghostly urban legend.

In those tapes, the kids discussed this myth may say that if you go to this tunnel and you stare down it without blinking for the right amount of time this ghostly figure will appear to you, and as you blink it gets closer to you every single time you blank before eventually killing you.

And they try to stare down this tunnel. They even ask other people who win staring contests to try to keep their eyes open, but they just can’t do it. So they decided to do a test.

They set up a camera to film down this tunnel using its lands in place of a human eye and sure enough, after enough time has passed that ghostly figure appears in the footage, what they don’t realize is that this thing is now haunting this camera.

Every time they turn it on and turn it off again just as if they were blinking with their own eyes it gets closer and closer and every shot they film before it takes over their lives.

now where this movie gets really interesting is the filmmaker who finds these tapes is a failed filmmaker. He’s getting very desperate and he falls into abit of obsession by trying to prove that this is real and everyone around him is like this is bullshit man this is easily faked.

He goes on radio shows, people mock him, people make fun of him. His life is slowly falling apart and he begins to feel like all he has left is proving that the events captured on this tape are real.

That’s where this movie shines and that’s all I’m going to talk about because obviously I’m assuming the majority of you have not seen this movie if you have I’m glad you have.

By no means is the Butterfly Kiss movie is going to win any major awards, but as a found footage movie that combines mockumentary elements I think it’s really strong. I don’t like it as much as lake Mungo but I think it’s really damn good.

It’s about in the same category for me as another overlooked found footage film called savage land. That one’s pretty good in both of these are currently on Amazon prime.

The mythology the movie creates around this figure that they’re capturing in their camera is really interesting, and it’s very creepy. But that’s not really what scares me about this movie.

The aspects of the film that really work for me is showing that obsession. Showing a filmmaker who can convince himself that even though there is ample evidence to suggest that the footage he has could be faked. Possibly is faked.

He can’t accept that. He can’t bring himself to accept the possibility that this last-ditch effort he has to break into the industry. Maybe it is real. Even when members of his family people he interviews and coworkers tell him this footage could be fraudulent, he can’t accept that. And so as a viewer I had doubts throughout the entire film instilled in me on whether or not the footage was real or fake.

Now I know that the movie itself is fake but from a story perspective, I didn’t know if maybe these characters did fake that footage and so when this filmmaker is being mocked by everyone in the industry including one of the directors of the Blair witch project in a cameo, which I thought was pretty cool, you kind of feel for the guy but you don’t because in a way this character is also it’s kind of a jerk.

When he interviews people for his film he’s trying to force them to side with him and some of these interview subjects don’t. Some of them don’t agree with his viewpoints on this footage and yet the filmmaker is trying to push them to believe this.

And this creates a lot of tension amongst the crew that he’s hired to make the film and so his crew starts to distance themselves from him as well. And that’s where this movie really shines. It’s not just about this ghostly figure that may or may not be haunting them. It’s really about the relationships that are eroding because of this man’s possibly fraudulent beliefs but he could also be on to something.

The fact the film takes a really long time to side with either one of them, is one of the reasons the movie is so interesting and it’s a fascinating look into how a filmmaker can become so obsessed with something, but it destroys his life.

That’s all I’m gonna say about butterfly kisses. I think that it’s a really good mockumentary found footage movie, and I do recommend checking it out. I obviously am recommending it.

Like I said it is on Amazon prime. I hope you guys do check it out. I think it’s worth a watch and I would like to see more people talk about the movie, and I was able to set up an interview with the director Erik Kristopher Myers.

He is not available until next month November and so in November you guys gonna get sort have a little bonus how mean special episode and we’re gonna talk about how he made the film that challenges that happened along the way anything you want to talk about. I’m really excited to share that with you guys in November.

Guys thank you so much as always for reading my reviews. look forward to more reviews in the Halloween special as always. See you next time with another movie.

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