Brahms: The Boy 2 Movie 2020

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Brahms: The Boy 2 Movie 2020 is a horror film, that is about a family moved into the Heelshire Mansion and their young son soon makes friends with a life-like doll called Brahms.

The story of this movie was written by  Stacey Menear, who also wrote The Boy 1 and Mixtape. Even though his new movie Mixtape film is not far away from horror, like the two movies he wrote, His script Mixtape appeared on the industry’s prestigious “Black List” of the best unproduced scripts of the year.

The Director of Brahms: The Boy II movie is William Brent Bell.  And as you know, William Brent Bell is a director and writer, known for The Boy (2016), The Devil Inside (2012), Wer (2013) and now with Brahms: The Boy two  2020 film. And he also directed two other movies. He is such a good director with so many good works.

The Stars of Brahms: The Boy II 2020 Movie are  Katie Holmes, Owain Yeoman, and Ralph Ineson. And they are all good actors. We are going to talk more about this film, whenever I see it In theaters Dec 6, 2019.





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