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Bloodline Movie Review

Bloodline Movie was directed by Henry Jacobsen stars Sean William Scott as a high school guidance counselor he meets with a lot of kids that have serious family issues and when he hears their stories he decides to go out in the night find the people responsible for these issues usually their parents and kill them a couple of things made me want to watch this movie block house one of them.

I like what they’re doing right now they’re finding first time director is giving a few million dollars in just allowing them to be creative and Sean William Scott in a horror movie this I really wanted to see I love whenever an actor primarily known for a certain genre tackles another it always is very interesting to me Robin Williams in one hour photo of Jim Carey and his string of dramas that he made.

 I love seeing an actor take on something like this and I always am rooting for them because that’s a big swing and this movie takes a lot of big swings the director especially according to his IMDb this is Henry Jacobson’s first narrative feature he had a TV documentary that he co-directed and it takes a lot of risks here this is by no means conventionally directed and so this movie actually surprised me quite a bit although it is flawed this is by no means a perfect movie and there are aspects of it that bothered me that I’ll talk about.

 But I think Henry Jacobson definitely has something to say he has a great hi movie looks great production designs amazing costuming cinematography musical score two really strong it’s got a synth edge to it feels a little bit like something that might be in a Nicolas winding Refn movie that’s not necessarily a problem you might see some of those influences but I think people nowadays talking about movies that haven’t seen a lot of films from the seventies and eighties might focus Simon Raffin primarily whereas I think this was way more influenced by Argento or DePalma films the killer wearing the skin-tight black gloves the split-screen sequence that appears in this movie very DePalma.

He did that quite often the influences are definitely out in the open if you are a fan of serial killer movies and I like that the film tributes those things while not necessarily stealing from them although it doesn’t always feel as original as it could but where the film really suffers is its middle portion there are about twenty minutes that really drag where we follow this guy as he commits various crimes we’re sort of on his side which is weird because we know he’s technically a murderer but.

The people he’s targeting are abusive to these high school kids and so yeah he’s a serial killer but there’s definitely a vigilante side to it as well and at first that’s very interesting but unfortunately, there isn’t much variety to what he does in fact.

There’s no variety to what he does he does the same basic things with each victim and so after a while, you’re waiting for something new to happen and it doesn’t come the directing however stays strong.

The choices are surprising so the script is at fault for this middle section that drags that should have been a lot more interesting and they should have found ways to make the kills more compelling if that’s what they’re going to go for what does really work about this movie is the graphic practical effects there’s one scene in particular that action had me sit back.

And that never happens to me so that was surprising but I’ve been holding off on talking about Sean William Scott for a reason he blew me away in this movie I would love to see him in more roles like this I thought he was excellent gave a really nuanced performance and a restrained performance that doesn’t always let us in I loved how once everything wraps up this isn’t a spoiler, in my opinion, you’re still a little unclear about him you have ideas of his past you understand some of his motivations. But as a character, he’s very reserved.

The film kind of says Makes up your mind about him. Love that this is a far better performance out of him than I expected to see and I’ve watched the interviews with him after seeing the movie and found out he’s a giant horror buff and so guys cash Sean William Scott and more like this like he can do more than American pie this is cool also if you win underrated Sean William Scott movie check out the run down but the rock also side note I see your Paul Rudd doesn’t age jokes.

 I raise U. S. Sean William Scott the guy hasn’t aged twenty years so with his performance and the very clever direction and some actual surprises this movie  “Bloodline movie” is better than I thought it would be although that middle portion is a big problem because the film doesn’t go anywhere for a while and twenty to thirty minutes of the same monotony.

That’s a big ask for if you were if you can get to the end which I liked but I know will be divisive I think for the more seasoned horror fan this movie has something to offer and I’m excited to see what else Henry Jacobson directs in the future I’m surprised that this film isn’t being talked about that much it’s half the reason I made this video at all.

Because I expected more people to want to talk about this movie “Bloodline movie” because it’s definitely different than your normal horror offering for many reasons the casting of Sean William Scott being a big one and I would like to see more people discussing the film as I said by no means a perfect film it is very flawed in some ways but it’s a big swing and even though it doesn’t always connect I admire when a filmmaker tries for one.

I’m going to give bloodline movie a B.

Thank you so much as always for reading my reviews. look forward to more very soon. See you in the next movie review.


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