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Blade 2 Review | Halloween Movies

Blade 2 is a 2002 American superhero Action, Horror, and Sci-Fi film. The movie is rated R and it is an hour and 57 minutes.

Blade 2 Movie Review

Blade is the incredible first really successful Marvel movie led by Wesley Snipes. So it only makes sense to talk about Blade 2, directed by Guillermo del Toro.

His first comic book movie. He would later make Hellboy One and Two, which could also easily be talked about in this segment.

Blade is a day Walker. He’s a vampire, but he has none of their weaknesses except for the first, which he treats with an injection.

At the start of this movie, we learned that Whistler, played by Kris Kristofferson, was taken can buy the vampires and turned and that he’s not, in fact, dead like we thought the first time. It’s a little bit of a retcon, but they have a somewhat compelling reason for why they chose to keep him around.

But we soon learned that there’s a new threat on the streets, a hybrid vampire of sorts who’s actually hunting other vampires and who has the ability to generate Reapers.

His victims turn into these incredibly bloodthirsty monsters that are far more superior to vampires. And if they don’t do anything about it, this new line of blood-thirsty killing machines are going to take over the entire planet. So Blade reluctantly teams up with vampires to Hunt these things, which is a riff, fun plot.

Blade 2 is really awesome. It’s almost as good as the first one for me, and in some ways, it does a lot of things better. The first film is just a little bit more stylish. The action is home slightly better. Guillermo del Toro uses one too many cuts that I probably wouldn’t if I were directing this movie.

But his vision and his beauty for his characters and the production design, the costumes, and how he sees this world far outweigh any of those random little nitpicks I might have.

Blade 2 is just a blast from start to finish, and it’s also really bloody. This is a gory movie. People are killed and bloody autopsies are performed.

Blade 2 is what a vampire movie should be. And Wesley Snipes as Blade is a real iconic. He’s perfect as this character. It’s perfect casting, and it’s very tough for me to imagine someone else being Blade.

 I love Mahershala Ali, and he’s a two-time Academy Award winner, but he’s not Wesley Snipes man. I don’t know. It’s gonna be hard. I’m gonna have to really detach from that. And we’ll see how they do.

Every little thing that Wesley Snipes does as Blade in this movie works. When he almost crashes into his car with a motorcycle, realizes he doesn’t and then blows it a kiss.

Or when he’s just been through one of the hardest battles of his life, and he just kind of shakes it off.

This film also has some interesting casting choices. Norman Reedus shows up, who’s very well known now for The Walking Dead, but he plays sort of the replacement Whistler, a guy called Scud who’s been helping Blade with gear and weapons in Whistler’s absence.

And one of the best parts of this movie, the great Ron Perlman shows up, who obviously made a good impression on Del Toro because he hired him to play Hellboy for two films. And there should have been a third.

The idea that Blade has to team up with vampires is genius, but it’s even better that he has to team up with vampires that were trained to kill him. So they immediately hate him.

For two years, these guys were trained to kill Blade, and now they have to take orders from him. That’s really good writing.

David S. Goyer did a really good job on this film. It’s also one of the first times I remember seeing Donnie Yen in an American movie.

So it was pretty cool to see him, even though clearly they didn’t quite know that they had Donnie Yen yet. He got like, one moment.

And I also get you don’t want to outshine Blade, but like, imagine for a second a world where Donny Yen fights Wesley Snipes in Blade Two. Don’t you wish that world existed?

But Blade pulls the ultimate power move on Ron Proman by installing a bomb on the back of his head. Could you be any more bad guy than that? I put a bomb on you, so just don’t play with me because I’ll detonate you.

And there are some incredibly gnarly kills and deaths and wounds in this movie have already stated it’s a very gory film, but there’s one in particular where one of the Reapers is stabbing through with a sword and he gets out of it by crawling upwards, letting it just slice through his crotch.

Also, I have to respect any rated-R comic book film where a bunch of people are decapitated and disemboweled that also features the Power Puff Girls quite often.

There are like, four scenes, but the Power Puff girls, that’s cool. I like the Power Puff girls I used to watch all the time. It’s a fun show, that’s all. I was just going to say something about the part of girls, so I did.

One thing that’s definitely better about Blade Two is the villain. The villain here is very understandable.

You kind of know exactly what he wants, why he wants it. You understand why he’s upset and the motivation all works. And he’s also a pretty good challenger for Blade. And the first film, blade is just kind of awesome the whole time.

And this final fight, Blade has a tough time. He kind of gets kicked a little bit, and it’s not as easy. So that’s cool. It’s cool. That Blade is more challenging. You see some vulnerability.

And I also like what they do with Whistler because he’s with the vampires at the beginning of the movie. And so there’s this doubt for a while. Will he turn? Will he not turn?

Snipes just puts him in the a locked room all night. And it’s like the blinds are going to open in the morning whether you’re cured or not by great thing.

And when he is cured, you’re sort of on the fence with him. They give you a lot of doubt about what his motivations are. And you’re not entirely sure what exactly happened to him while he was gone with the vampires.

Did they recruit him? Is he just kind of playing Blade? It’s a really interesting idea to make Blades father figure be a potential threat throughout the entire film.

Look, Blade two is just great. It’s a great comic book movie, and there’s no doubt in my mind why Del Toro went on to direct Hellboy One and Two, which are also very good.

And I should have made up with three. Okay, it’s the last time I’ll see it. I promise. Maybe.

If it’s been a minute since you’ve seen Blade 2 check it out this Halloween season. It’s such a gory fun movie with great fight scenes, a great performance by Snipes Donny Yen, Ron Perlman. It’s awesome.

So I am going to give Blade 2 a B.

Blade 2 Movie Review


I hope you guys check it out this Halloween. Thank you so much as always for reading the review of Balde 2 Halloween movie. See you next time.

Blade 2 Trailer

Check out the trailer of the Halloween horror superhero film, Blade 2.


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