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The 15 Best Korean Comedy Movies

No one can deny the increasing popularity of Korean Comedy movies in the international community.  They are attracting more and more fans due to their stylish visuals and touching stories.

Here are the top 15 list of the best Korean comedy movies you should check if you want to enjoy a good laugh.

Best Korean Comedy Movies films

So there are days when we are feeling down and our energy is just nowhere to be found. Fortunately for us, there are Korean movies that serve us with some great laughs and energizing.

The following Korean movies will surely make us laugh. But just as a heads up, these movies might also trigger some other feelings and put us on that roller coaster ride of emotions.

Now time to bring happiness to your life. Here are the top 15 best Korean comedy films.

#15. Scandal Makers (2008)

Scandal Makers (2008)

Prior to Sunny, Kang Hyeong-Cheol directed Scandal Makers, a tremendously successful comedy. Despite the word “scandal” in the title, Scandal Makers is a film that you can easily watch with your family or significant other.

Cha Tae-Hyun (of My Sassy Girl fame) plays Nam Hyeon-soo, a playboy DJ who discovers that a single teenage mother (Park Bo-young in her breakout performance) who phones into his programme is actually his daughter in Scandal Makers. Nam, a bachelor who enjoys the high life, suddenly has to deal with his dual roles as father and grandfather, which is hilarious.

Scandal Makers, as previously stated, isn’t really “scandalous.” Instead, it’s a heartfelt and amusing examination of what family, or the lack thereof, entails.

#14. Secretly Greatly (2013)

Secretly Greatly (2013)

The first one on our list is a great movie that isn’t a secret to many. Everyone knows how this movie captured the interests of many viewers.

Secretly Greatly does an amazing job of bringing comedy and lightening up the mood to balance out the seriousness of the plot.

Rolling on our screens is a group of spies trained by the North Korean elite Special Forces and are dispatched to South Korea.

Starring Kim Soo-Hyun, Gi-Woong Park, and Hyun-Woo Lee, we have got the fool, the aspiring singer and the high school student, having had no orders in a while and getting used to their current lifestyle, a new mission will change their lives.


#13. My Sassy Girl (2001) 

My Sassy Girl (2001) 


Our male lead is a College student who certainly has his eyesight set for girls and will use every drinking session with his friends as an opportunity to avoid his mother.

An encounter with an intoxicated girl in a subway will change his life forever. Assumptions will be made and our male lead will find himself in an unexpected relationship.

My Sassy Girl is a feel-good movie with an emotional story for us all. With scenes that will make you laugh and cry. Overall, My Sassy Girls’ unique characters and twists of fate and love will give you a great time.

#12. The Beauty Inside (2015)

The Beauty Inside (2015)

We all love those stories that place emphasis on inner beauty. Fortunately for us, The Beauty Inside is a Korean movie that will provide us with such a charming story. It will show viewers how inner beauty is the main ingredient in building deeper relationships.

A new face every day seems impossible, but not for our male lead. This furniture designer will wake up in a different body every day, an old man, a woman, a little boy, and even a foreigner.

Our male lead will experience it all, not a lot of people know about his secret. So what will happen when the furniture designer falls in love with a woman? and How will his unique situation affect his chances of being in a relationship?

#11. The Dude in Me (2019)

The Dude in Me (2019)

Taking a spot on our list is a movie about body switching that you definitely shouldn’t miss.

Aside from the greed story and action pack scenes, this movie casts actors who portray their roles so well.

A lot of things can happen when falling from a rooftop, but body switching. This is definitely something new.

A high school student will fall from the rooftop and land on a gangster waking up at the hospital.

This member of the criminal organization will be in for a major surprise as he realizes that he’s in the body of a teenager.

#10. My Little Bride (2004)

My Little Bride (2004)

My Little Bride is a lighthearted romantic comedy movie that you can watch any time. It’s about a cute couple who grants the wishes of their families and displays a great chemistry that will come to enjoy.

An ordinary high school student will find her life take a 180-degree turn from worrying about school exams and crushing on an athlete. She’ll find herself getting into an arranged marriage because of her grandfather.

This marks the start of our female leads double life of being in a relationship and trying to pretend being single.

#9. 200 Pounds Beauty (2006)

200 Pounds Beauty (2006)

If you are looking for an easy to watch movie, you should try the 200 Pounds Beauty movie. This is a movie that will deliver a strong message regarding the beauty and talents of a person.

200 Pounds Beauty will be a relatable and heartwarming story about trying to live up to the certain high standards of beauty in this world.

Tells the story of a talented singer struggling to live out her dream, but because of her physical appearance, she lives her life as a faceless singer and acts as the voice for a popular singer who can’t seem to sing properly. A party will traumatize her and cause her to disappear.

#8. Hello Ghost (2010)

Hello Ghost (2010)

Next on our list is a movie about a man who fails at an attempt to take his own life. He ends up alive. Is he going crazy, or is he actually seeing ghosts.

And in the hospital? He meets a nurse and falls for her. But ghosts with requests keep following him until our male lead agrees to help them.

Hello Ghost is a wonderful story about ending and continuing life that will give us a great mix of laughter, love, and sadness.

The well-written story will make viewers laugh and also have mixed feelings as the story unfolds. Hello Ghost will definitely make us emotional as plot twists appear on our screens.

#7. Baby and Me (2008)

Baby and Me (2008)

Here’s an enjoyable movie that will entertain us with the special bond of a father and a baby. A fresh and fun concept is delivered in Baby and Me when a young boy suddenly faces major responsibilities.

Viewers will definitely appreciate the show more as the characters develop and the heart of the story unfolds.

A rebellious high school kid gets news of his parents leaving their house and will use this opportunity to throw a party.

Of course, a party requires some food and drinks so our male lead will go to a grocery store to buy some party needs. Here he finds a baby in a cart that will change his life forever.

#6. Sunny (2011)

Sunny (2011)

Gaining a spot on our list is Sunny. This movie is about a bullied transfer student who meets the heroic classmates that will save her.

Creating a bond with each other, these seven girls become close and even make a vow to stay together forever.

Fast forward to the present, the girls don’t see each other anymore until the once transfer student unexpectedly reunites with one of the girls in a hospital.

Sunny has the power to give viewers a nostalgic feeling. Viewers will miss their old friends, and it will have everyone reminiscing about the good old days.

The story of friendships and the reality of growing up and having different lives will surely be one we could all relate to.

#5. Miss Granny (2014)

Miss Granny (2014)

Let’s all watch a woman in her 70s magically transform back into her body when she was in her 20s. Thanks to a mysterious photo booth, our grandma will find herself looking and feeling young.

The seamless, unexplainable event as an opportunity to experience youth again. Our female lead will change her name and make the most out of it.

Miss Granny provides an easy to watch story that will still be entertaining even on the second and third watch.

This funny film will bring out your emotions with each scene. So put this on your watch list and you get a whole package of entertainment.

#4. Extreme Job (2019)

Extreme Job (2019)

Extreme Job tells the story of five detectives going undercover to take down a criminal organization. Any guesses on their disguises? The five detectives will work as employees at a chicken restaurant.

Plans are discussed, but the unexpected popularity of the restaurant will put our detectives in a tough situation.

Isn’t it always a fun treat, whenever they bring comedy into a cop movie? Extreme Job serves viewers good humor and great fighting scenes, along with a really good story.

What makes it even more entertaining is the acting brought by the actors. They truly bring their characters to light and deliver those comedic lines so well.

#3. Exit (2019)

Exit (2019)

A graduate from a University is still looking to land a decent job. On his mother’s birthday celebration, he surprisingly sees the woman whom he confessed his feelings to back in their University days, but he was rejected.

Both of them were members of the rock climbing club. What is also unexpected is the lethal gas that is spreading in the area.

How will the rock climbing skills of our leads come in handy to survive the situation?

Boring? Nah, this movie doesn’t know that word. Watch how Exit entertains viewers from start to finish.

By bringing comedy and action into one movie, you’ll definitely be in for a thrilling ride with this nervewracking movie.

#2. My Annoying Brother (2016)

My Annoying Brother (2016)

My Annoying Brother is a story about Brotherhood. A man in jail finds out that his brother, a promising judo athlete, has gotten into an accident. Using his brother’s injury as an excuse, he asks to get parole.

Successful, he comes home to his brother, and the messy exchanges between the two begin. We all know people that can get on our nerves. So you’ll definitely relate to the scenes in this movie.

My Annoying Brother does a great job of capturing our smiles and at the same time touching our hearts with the emotional development of the relationship of the two brothers.

#1. Midnight Runners (2017)

Midnight Runners (2017)

Bagging the top spot is Midnight Runners. New students at the Korean National Police University will find themselves in a situation they don’t expect a night out turns into something serious as they witness a kidnapping incident, and our two male leads will embark on their own mission to save the young woman.

You will definitely enjoy watching these two students and how their friendship develops.

Midnight Runners had some very suspenseful scenes that might want to make you look away from the screen, but at the same time, this show will open your eyes to some of the serious challenges faced by people in society.

This was our top 15 list of the best Korean comedy movies that will make you laugh!. the funniest Korean comedy movies list ever.

Surely these movies made you laugh, but which Korean films made you laugh the hardest? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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