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Becoming Burlesque 2017 Drama Film

Becoming Burlesque 2017 is a Drama and Dance movie. The film is directed by Jackie English, stars Shiva Negar, Elise Bauman, Alli Chung. Check it on amazon.

Becoming Burlesque (2017)  Movie Cast & Crew

Shiva Negar – Fatima JacksonAzizJackie English – Director
Elise Bauman – BeccaAraya Mengesha – Winner
Alli Chung – Wei ChenJackie English – Screenwriter
Moe Jeudy-Lamour  – JustinMarina Cordoni – Executive Producer
Alex Harrouch – AqueelAlan Eisen – Executive Producer
Severn Thompson – Olivia AzizRosario Eisen – Executive Producer
Pedro Miguel Arce – Super FanDanny McCarthy – Executive Producer
Courtney Deelen – Texas Red TempestJohn McBride – Executive Producer
Sam Kalilieh – Uncle YousefDavid Miller – Executive Produce

Becoming Burlesque (2017)  Movie Review

Fatima (Shiva Negar) is a Muslim woman who slowly learns to live in Toronto while honoring her father’s Muslim faith. One expression of that faith shows Fatima now wearing a hijab in public, albeit the brightly patterned one she wears. Although not the most practical option, she explains that wearing it makes her happy and proud of herself.

Fatima is caught in the middle of clashing relatives. From her Uncle Yousef’s overbearing mannerisms to her father’s double standards, the entire family must adapt to a changing world while fighting the traditions of the past.

Filled with a colorful cast of characters the show is both fun and entertaining. The show’s main character Fatima is a bit of a goof who likes to have fun with her friends and family but often gets herself into embarrassing situations. Fatima’s parents, Olivia and Talmadge (Severn Thompson) are polar opposites in terms of personality, but both love their daughter wholeheartedly and support her in anything she does.

Everything is normal until one day on the bus, a knock-out redhead sits near Fatima. Courtney Deelen’s character’s name is Texas Red Tempest, and she is the new sheriff in town named Fatima. Later that night, Fatima heads to see the show, and she can’t believe how much she loves Texas Red’s performance.

After a particularly awkward dinner with Uncle Yousef, Fatima goes to the club and is immediately drawn into the world of Burlesque.

Fatima now begins to live a double life. Dancing Burlesque helps Fatima work out issues that arise in her life as she finds a way to make sense of her role in her Muslim family and at the mystical club.

Fatima, a Puerto Rican native living in New York City is about to get the opportunity of a lifetime. At a time when she just wants to fit in and have fun, “Babylon” finds her. He’s sexy, funny, and really into her. He’s the kind of guy she can be herself around. However, her conservative family will never understand! He’s a man of many hats.

While Becoming Burlesque has a few shortcomings, mostly in the acting department with better delivery of lines and emotion and in its story that feels a little cliché, the film is still interesting and enjoyable.

Writer/director English weaves the storylines together like a master. She manages to balance the gritty, graphic elements of a troupe of burlesque performers in an Islamic city with ease. This film balances two very different worlds, and it does so very well.

English honors Islam with the inclusion of Uncle Yousef. She then lets Fatima find a way to live and honor both worlds.

She also honors the traditions associated with Burlesque. Like all the other films I’ve seen this year, a Burlesque troupe is about friendship, family, and community. It’s about taking control of the teasing we endure and coming out on top.

Becoming Burlesque shares the art of the burlesque dancer, giving audiences a true and authentic experience of the form.

Fatima is a memorable lead, and it’s due to the great performance of Shiva Negar. As Fatima, you feel her evolution from caterpillar to butterfly; you see her struggle through her decisions and eventually flourish into a well-rounded butterfly. Her stage presence is magnificent; your eyes are on her throughout the movie.

I am not going to rate this movie, I will give you this chance to do it in the comments.

Guys thank you so much for reading the review of Becoming Burlesque 2017. See you next time.

Becoming Burlesque (2017)  Movie Trailer

Check out the trailer of Becoming Burlesque 2017 movie.

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