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The New Film Bad Boys for Life Movie 2020

Bad Boys for Life film

The new Bad Boys movie is finely in theaters. Bad Boys for Life movie 2020 is an American, action, crime, and comedy film. The movie tells a story of two old-school cops Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett team up to take down the vicious leader of a Miami drug cartel. Newly created elite team AMMO of the Miami police department along with Mike and Marcus go up against the ruthless Armando Armas.

Bad Boys for Life Cast

Will Smith as Mike LowreJoe Pantoliano as Captain Howard
Martin Lawrence as Marcus BurnettKate del Castillo as Isabel
Vanessa Hudgens as KellyPaola Núñez as Rita
Alexander Ludwig as DornCharles Melton as Rafe
Nicky Jam s Zway-LoDJ Khaled
Theresa Randle Massi Furlan
Jacob ScipioJohn West Jr.


bad boys for life cast

Bad Boys for Life Movie Review

Bad boys for life sees the return of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in this long-running franchise, despite big gaps in between all 3 films. This is the first in the franchise to not be directed by Michael Bay.

In this film, Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett called back into action when a shooter is murdering specific targets across the world, some of these targets are personal to Mike and Marcus and so they set off on one final right together.

That is of course unless they make bad boys four which I understand they’re talking about. So who really knows with these movies there’s gonna be more eventually. I got to be real I’ve never really loved the bad boys films, which I know is sort of sacrilege for someone for my generation to say.

If I had to choose a favorite nineties buddy cop movie, it’s gonna be rush hour. The first you rush hour movies, in particular, I like a lot. From the eighties, I love lethal weapons when I came to the bad boys films I love Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as these characters and I think they have great chemistry on screen.

And I like seeing them in a movie I just don’t like how Michael bay directs them. They feel really loud and incoherence. I can enjoy those first 2 movies purely based on watching the stars interact and tell jokes.

But story-wise both of them are very messy and I just don’t like the way Michael bay direct action. It’s very choppy he loves to zoom in on things constantly, which is why I’m happy to report that I think this film is better directed in those other films. Although, at times it does feel like it fits in with Michael bay style as if they’re trying to appease the fans of the other 2 films by making a film that seems like Michael bay could have made it.

It doesn’t feel like it goes for the access the way Bay does. If you like what has become popularized as bay ham then you might be disappointed by that. But I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that this movie is actually semi-coherent.

If you love those first 2 films and all you want out of this one is seeing Martin Lawrence and Will Smith back on screen together kicking ass and telling jokes while doing it, this film is going to satisfy you perfectly.

In fact, I think most fans of the bad boys films are gonna have a good time for this movie. As someone who doesn’t really care for the other ones. I was actually kind of surprised this movie is okay.

The jokes are funny here I thought then the other 2. There’s one sequence in particular with Martin Lawrence and somebody has a wound on his forehead that actually had me cracking up pretty hardcore it was really funny.

Martin Lawrence is very good in this movie and so was will Smith. One thing this movie definitely does better than the other 2 films I thought were the villains. That’s because the villains in the first 2 are terrible.

They’re just eighties cannon movie villains. Just ripped out of a failed Chuck Norris sequel. Both of the villains in the first 2 films sound like these drug cartel guys who off their own men constantly and they scream a lot.

Never gave a shit about the villains previously. They found a way to make the villain more compelling in this movie by working it into the character’s lives and making it feel more necessary.

The stakes feel a lot more real in this one than they did in the previous 2 movies. I always felt like that whatever happens happens when I watch the other two  I just rewatched both of them just to be refresh.

They are both on Netflix. I watch them both over the past 2 days. And the antagonist in this movie, just feels like he’s going for both of their throats a lot more than previously. And the first 2 movies, it was always just to kidnap a girl that means something to them.

And this movie “Bad Boys for Life Movie” they actually found a way to make the villain feel deeply personal and how he goes about achieving his goals, and the things he’s willing to do. The film actually has some pretty shocking moments of violence to that I wasn’t expecting.

Usually when a film is edited in a certain way and you can hear the music fading in and out of a sound effect about to come in your like somebody’s about to get shot. You know what’s about to happen.

This movie has at least 2 moments of very shocking violence that I didn’t see coming. And once again will Smith and Martin Lawrence work great together. This doesn’t feel like your typical Will Smith either.

That’s one of the things I’ve always liked about the bad boys movies. He doesn’t seem as mainstream in those movies he always is a cursing a lot and he’s just not like the Will Smith used to see in like independence day and all of those movies.

He feels very much so against the grain for what you might expect from him, and I like how he retains that in this movie he doesn’t feel soft. The fact this movie is being dumped in January I just was expecting garbage and it’s okay.

Actually it’s really not that bad and it’s about on par with the other 2 films in my mind. I still am not a fan of the franchise, but this wasn’t a movie I hated watching. Still, it’s a very conventional movie and it feels absurdist and unnecessarily exaggerated just like the other 2.

But it’s nowhere near there is much that was from Michael Bay’s behind the camera. So there is some restraint. But it hits the basic beats of what you’d want from a bad boys movie.

Martin Lawrence is having a hard time with his wife. They argue a lot. He’s nervous about what his wife might catch him doing. Will Smith is a badass a ladies man. But what I did like more about this one was that they found ways to explore both of these characters and their personalities and their backstories and it added a lot more depth to the characters, that honestly wasn’t there in the other 2 movies.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the fact that this movie just wasn’t terrible. This is not a great phone by any means and some of the biggest issues I have with that it lie in the way the filmmakers have to use CGI to incorporates within various scenes of the action.

You can tell there’s some stunt doubles with CGI will Smith’s face and it just takes you right out of the scene. There’s some stance that could have been shot in a more practical way that bland a CGI person with Will Smith as he leaves from a building.

And moments like that it just really makes you aware that you’re watching a movie and there are some really poor green screens are out one chase sequence or Martin Lawrence is firing his gun at the side of a motorcycle and almost look like there was a slight blur around his head. It was very noticeable.

But by far my biggest issue with this movie is a choice made by a character I’m gonna do my best to navigate this without ruining anything. You’re asked to take a major leap of faith in regards to a character shift and I just didn’t buy it.

We look back on the film may be one scene where an individual says like two words that set up this possible shift and that’s just not enough. You didn’t do the work to earn that character change and I just didn’t buy it.

Once that our kids it felt meaningless to me and I just completely checked out from it. Still, this is better than I thought it was going to be. I mean for a highly anticipated sequel to a franchise a lot of people do like to just be dumped in the middle of January. Those are all bad signs.

But I was pleasantly surprised and I’m gonna give Film Bad Boys for Life movie a B-minus. If you love those first 2 films, I can’t see this one disappointing you. But if you’re like me in your site this franchise was just whatever you’ll probably think the same thing about this one.

Guys thank you so much as always for reading my reviews. I am gonna be reviewing do little this weekend. I think that’s the only other movie coming out so thanks as always and see you next time.

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