Back of the Net 2019

Back of the Net 2019 Movie:

Back of the Net 2019, A new student at a soccer academy is determined to beat her rival’s team in the national tournament.

PLOT of  Back of the Net 2019

American teenager Cory Bailey ends up at the Harold Soccer Academy after catching the wrong bus. She then completes a semester at the soccer school, where she battles with the star soccer player Edie, who makes life difficult for Cory. However, as the school hosts the National Soccer Tournament, she is determined to beat Edie’s team in the finals.

The cast of  Back of the 

Sofia Wylie as Cory Bailey.
Tiarnie Coupland as Edie.
Trae Robin as Oliver.
Kate Box as Coach Smith.
Christopher Kirby as David Bailey.
Melissa Bonne as Rebecca Bailey.
Raj Labade as Lewis.
Yasmin Honeychurch as Adelle.
Gemma Chua-Tran as Janessa.
Ashleigh Ross as Charlotte.



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