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Aladdin 2019 Movie Review

Aladdin 2019 movie is directed by Guy Ritchie in is the latest Disney live-action remake. This time retelling the original nineteen ninety-two animated classic of the same name. and tells the story of a street-wise thief name Aladdin, who comes across princess jasmine meets a genie, and fights the evil Jafar.
Seriously before I get in the review. This movie has been met with so much online criticism because Will Smith is blue and people just thought that was so god damn hilarious, and I guess it doesn’t really look that good.
Having seen the actual movie, I have some things to say about it. But it’s not like sonic the hedgehog. we’re like as soon as I saw the trailer. I wanted to actually burn all of my sonic games, in retaliation for the horrific thing that I was witnessing. It wasn’t like that I still like the original Latin. It’s funny though having actually seen the movie will Smith is the least of my concerns if anything he actually kept the movie more charismatic than it was.
Whenever he wasn’t on screen I can’t really focus on the music. and say the music is great to highlight because it’s just the songs from the original. Yes there’s some new material and yes it’s all good, but I’m just having a hard time getting excited about these Disney live-action remakes because it’s essentially taking something we all love already and saying Hey let’s look at it through this light. Sometimes that works I really did like John farmers the jungle book and the Cinderella phone wasn’t too bad either because those films I can see how they could be real life.
The boy in the jungle their animals, yes they talk and stuff but at its core, I can picture that in real life we’ve had so many adaptations of that story. Anyway same as Cinderella, it’s something I can picture in real life. Aladdin 2019 that’s a little hard.
We have this over the top genie the princess with a heard friendly Siberian tiger.  You know like it’s kind of hard to picture some of these things in real life, and so that’s a struggle this film has because the movie is trying too hard to evoke the feel of the animation for one thing. The animated film is ninety minutes. It’s tight it’s contained it’s compact it works this film is two hours and eight minutes.
There’s a lot of new stuff and you can feel it. You can feel the story start to get stretched. And you can feel these characters getting stretched to the point, where they don’t have anywhere else to go. one of my biggest concerns with the film though lies in the performances namely the Aladdin 2019 character at times he feels like he’s trying too hard to be like the animated version that nervous cute anxious quality, that Aladdin had in the first film where he was trying to be something he wasn’t.
That works in animated form but when you translate that exaggerated elements of performing to live-action, it comes off very cheesy. And I felt that most of the acting in this film was very bland.
Will Smith is fine as the genie once you get over the fact that you’re looking at will Smith as this giant Jeannie. He’s actually the most entertaining part of the film in fact when he wasn’t on screen I found myself relentlessly board as far as the other characters go.
I would say Naomi Scott as jasmine gave the best performance. she felt like she was really trying with this role, and I’m sure the actor who betrayed Aladdin was also trying. I have nothing against these actors you guys know me I actually, I really am uncomfortable.
 Speaking negatively about actors because I know how hard their job is in it. It always makes me feel icky every time I do it. But I really do think that most of the performances in this movie were very weak. The worst though is you’re far and I’ve seen this actor in another film called what happened to Monday with the newer process on Netflix. He was really good in that movie. So this leads me to believe that there was something about the way this film is directed by Guy Ritchie.
That just kept everything very stilted and wooden it at times does feel like a low rent stage play version of Aladdin 2019 even down to the way. It looks the costumes look so clean and perfect. They don’t look dusty or dirty. There’s no sand or dirt on them. There are a few scenes where there are literally rolling around in the sand. That’s different but when they’re walking around the city they just look like they were freshly laundered.
It kind of reminded me of Indiana Jones. The kingdom of the crystal skull one of my biggest issues with that movie was just how clean and glossy everything looked. Whereas the original three they just felt like they were shot in a backyard somewhere they looked so so greedy.
This movie everything looks clean so relentlessly perfect looking, that it really did feel like, I was watching something shot constantly on a sound stage. I never ever had that disconnect with reality. I always felt like I was watching something that was filmed never got into the movie. There were some sequences that were entertaining most of them being really over. The top genie songs it also feels like I rich she may have been uncertain about how to approach a musical because some of the sequences were characters are singing are just very bland.
The camera just follows them around as they walk. And there isn’t much movement. There isn’t much flair to it every time your farmers onscreen. I honestly felt like laughing his look. He looked like he was in a power rangers’ episode. I mean he’s got this big coal breast staff and there are just certain things that work in animation. And they just don’t work in a live-action whenever you do.
A remake of something that was in a different form before you have to look at that, and says what works as a drawing and what doesn’t. Because just recreating what we liked in animation form clearly just doesn’t always work, but in regards to Will Smith he had a major uphill battle with this character. I am sure he was probably horrified at the potential of you know inhabiting this character. there are few Disney characters as renowned as the genie and there are even less.
As synonymous with their actors as Robin Williams is a with the genie. Those two things are almost inseparable I mean Simba is probably a more famous character in the genie, but when you think of somebody think of Matthew Broderick probably not but when you think of the genie you think of Robin Williams.
it’s impossible not to do. he tramples all over that character now. no he’s fine. it’s just that you kind of have to get over the fact that it’s this giant CG I. Smith dancing around it just it doesn’t always work when he plays himself though. I thought it was really charming and he did a good job in the movie. He’s easily honestly the best part of the movie which is funny because he was the most widely scrutinized aspect of it. before there are times we can feel like the actors are trying to break free from whatever control thereunder and they’re trying to just be a little more lively, but for the most part, some of the dialogue in some of the performances are cringe-worthy.
The CG I is very noticeable and the sets look like sets is it as bad as the internet thought it was going to be I guess not. I mean the thing that everyone was worried about was probably my favorite part of the movie. It’s everything else around it the stuff that people just assume would be good that I fox pad.
I’m going to give Aladdin’s movie a C.
I just wanna say thank you for continuing to follow my posts. It’s awesome I appreciate it. I really appreciate that you guys are here so thank you so much for doing that look forward to more reviews very soon.

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