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Ad Astra Movie Review

Ad Astra was directed by James Gray and stars Brad Pitt as an astronaut searching for his missing father. Many years ago his father played by Tommy Lee Jones went on a mission. A mission towards Neptune and he never returned, but now an electrical surges emanating from the area. They believed he was in. And this surge is now threatening the entire universe.So Brad Pitt jumps in a rocket ship to find out if his dad is still alive.
I’ve heard many divisive things about this film mostly from my friend’s critics really seem to enjoy this movie. and a lot of my friends are mixed on it and I tend to hate knowing that kind of stuff going in. I tried to stay as far away from the film as possible. I only saw bits and pieces of the trailer and I really didn’t know what the movie was about. I hate going into a movie with expectations but since I was at a festival I couldn’t help but hear things.
I really love this movie but I completely understand why some people might not like the film. Because it’s not like other space movies. it also has a lot of inconsistencies in regards to movie logic and if you don’t know what that is it’s essentially something that wouldn’t happen in real life. But you needed to happen in your movie to get something from point a to point B. and you hope that the audiences invested enough in your film to go with the movie logic.
There are moments in the movie like that the characters do things and it just seems pretty far fetched. if you really want to get into judging the movies science or its space travel or its exploration and how things happen. you’re gonna be annoyed throughout the entire film but I don’t go to the movie theater to write a thesis I go to the movie theater and have a good time from.
 That’s my thoughts on that and I had an excellent time largely due to Brad Pitt’s terrific performances is another great performance from him this year after once upon a time in Hollywood. He’s very restrained in this movie. A lesser actor would have gotten bigger in many moments, but it is extremely held back and also works for his character. Because he’s supposed to be someone who’s really calm and collected and very careful yes to take consistent psych evaluations and the computer tells him whether or not he’s good to go, and so he has to be very calm.
He’s known for having a low heart rate, and the things that happened over the course of this mission are going to challenge that side of him. The movie has a lot of voiceovers which is very difficult to get right and I like what they did here because it isn’t necessarily a voice over that explains the story so much. As that explains character since he is such a reserve character.
He’s thinking a lot about things, about his past, about what he hopes might be his future, so if you’re gonna tell a story with the character that doesn’t talk that much. Voice over can be a big assist in this area and I think they did a pretty good job of that here it didn’t feel like they were explaining things didn’t feel like they were talking down to the audience.
It just felt like an added bonus when voice overs did right. I actually really love it as long as it doesn’t make you feel like you’re an idiot and the visuals and cinematography are beautiful.
There’s an amazing chase sequence on the moon that was John dropping. The way James gray handles action in this film didn’t feel like the way other directors do. It’s almost like the action is there but it’s not the focus. He keeps it very focused on character and incredible cinematography but the way it’s handled especially with the score, because of the scores minimalistic and that it’s a lot of droning sounds and really beautiful noises.
But doesn’t pound you when you’re faced with intensity telling you to have a good time it’s a very somber and moody found the atmosphere is achieved beautifully and that I think is why I like this movie more than I think some audio.
Its members might because I didn’t go into this movie expecting a space adventure. I was thinking it might be something alike interstellar but with fewer action sequences. That’s kind of what it is. in fact, even got the same director of photography who shot interstellar and so it was clear that that may have been sort of a road map.
Just that tone and feel along with that atmosphere in the mood in the tone.  The thing that kept this movie consistently interesting for me was the theme of father and son and becoming a father or being afraid to become the father.
A literal search for who your father is while you’re actually searching for him really beautiful stuff and it affected me, to be honest, I thought it was handled. It really well and  I cared about this character and I really wanted him to be okay which is all too rare in film nowadays to feel an actual connection with the fictional character.
I thought of Astor was really brilliant. The story in science sometimes is a little far-reaching, but again I’m co science major and the majority of people to see this movie will not be and if you didn’t like the movie because of that. That’s fine. I’m just saying those types of things don’t always bother me. I like movies that make me feel something an ad Astra definitely dead.
I’m going to give the Ad Astra movie an A.
We are finally done with this review. Thank you so much as always for the patient. tell me your opinion in a comment. See you in the next movie review. 
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