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47 Meters Down Movie

47 Meters Down Movie Review:

47 meters down on cage was once again directed by Johannes Roberts. And is about some more young people get trapped underwater with sharks. This time around though the sharks are blind. And there are 4 girls. This time instead of just 2 sisters, although 2 of the girls in this movie are sisters.

They get trapped in some underwater ruins during a cave in.  And they have to figure out how to survive, because there is a shark 47 meters down, was a financial success. Some people like that some critics like that. I thought it was rather an awful one of my friends adored the film and was so terrified by it.

So him and I went and saw this new one together. Because he knew that I really did like the first one. And he loved it and so it was going to be really entertaining.  I got to say I really enjoyed watching this movie.  For none of the reasons the filmmakers wanted me to. I think this movie is really really really terrible. But man we had a good time watching it.

I laughed so hard during so many scenes in this movie. That I had a great time. This is a whole area of our city but I have not the energy to delve into a 30-minute video about 47 meters down on cage nor do I have the footage necessary to showcase many sequences, but as soon as a specific scene occurred in this movie. I knew exactly the type of film I was about to watch. There’s a fish that swims up to these girls and it’s like, There’s a screaming fish in this movie complete with a jump scare.

I have not encountered a fish with such vocal capabilities since jaws the revenge. If I’m going to get serious about reviewing this movie. It cares not for logic. The characters talk to each other in the film despite the fact that there are no visible earpieces, and they never set up what these devices they’re wearing are and how they might communicate with each other to top it off these masks only cover their faces revealing  their ears which are completely surrounded by water means that.

You know. How are they hearing age another phone I don’t get it and I loved it. And it’s strange that they didn’t it least create some movie logic for this because they’re so much expository dialogue before they actually get into the water so much information I don’t  need what I’d like to know his we can hear each other but really what was I expecting out of a film called 47 meters down where they never even reference the depth that their act it’s literally just a brand that’s been retitled the first film was originally going to go to V. O. D. 

I got a theatrical release a last-second. This second film is even more suited for V. R. D. and yet here we are in theaters again. I think the biggest failure the film though is that it’s not actually scary the idea of a shark that’s blind that’s evolved down underneath this ruin is interesting but to me it felt like an excuse to sidestep one of the issues I had with the first film that being that the sharks keep missing every time they try to bite the characters because you can’t kill him off too quickly right got to have a movie and the sharks were like horribly inept at eating in the first film.

In the second film, the shark is blind. now which I guess gives an excuse to be really bad at hunting these girls. This does not even feel like first-draft dialogue. I have to be really real this does not feel like anyone gave them notes. I mean it like did anyone give them notes the dialogue guys. It is self so bad I the finale was a thing of beauty. I thought it was amazing and I just couldn’t get enough of watching all the slow-motion especially when they shoot a flare gun and her arm goes from all the pressure. From the flare gun.

I’m gonna give 47 meters down uncaged. I guess enough. My friend who loved the first one hated this movie and we sat at waking wizards a restaurant in Ohio for like an hour just talking about its failures and learning from it and trying to figure out how to avoid those failures when we try to create a movie. Because he’s a writer and he’s amazing at what he does and I sat there with them and I was like you know what. Yes this movie is like a one out of 10 and F.

It basically failed at everything was trying to achieve but I was really entertained by it and I enjoyed seeing it with you and we kind of just agreed that the experience was fine so I guess it’s a whole area city. Have fun seeing this one. It’s not good too but enjoy yourself.

Thank you so much for reading my movie review. See you next time with another Movie review. 

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