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1917 Movie Review

1917 movie was written and directed by  Sam Mendes and tells the tale of two soldiers in the middle of World War 1, who are sent across enemy lines and deep into their territory to give an urgent message, that will result in the saving of 1600 lives.

Roger deacons. That’s the end of the review. He finally won his Oscar for Blade Runner 2049 so he probably won’t win again. But he should this film is gorgeously shot and I’m sure you’ve heard by now that it’s designed to look like one shot.

The entire film following these two soldiers through a war. Sometimes when you watch a film, you can at least have a basic comprehension of how they made it. And while there’s moments where you can tell there’s a cut.

Maybe darkness obscures the screen for a second, or they pass by an obvious CGI tree that has a blended one shot with another. But beyond that it’s staggering to imagine shooting this movie.

This is a gargantuan technical achievement and it can’t be ignored. It feels in a way sort of like a video game, because for a lot of the movie you’re following behind someone who’s walking.

But it always feels very tangible and very authentic. The costume design and production designed the sets is they’re just all on point. Everything looks really really period accurate.

And the two lead performances from dean Charles Chapman and George Mackay engross you very well these characters lives. Something is always going wrong too. They take a page out of the breaking bad book.

There’s always a problem. They go underground and they might encounter a tripwire. That’s okay though, they can walk over it, right. Actually no, There’s rats everywhere and those rats are probably going to set it off if they’re not careful.

Every time these guys try to get past something It’s nerve-wracking. Because something is always going wrong for them. You never feel like they’re safe. That’s something they did really well with this movie.

They always feel like they’re being watched or if they turn the corner too quickly someone’s going to see them. You rarely ever get that moments where you don’t think that somebody could snipe them at any second.

It feels like there’s danger constantly. There’s one sequence in the movie in particular. Where one of the characters is running through this rubble and flares are going off and explosions and you hear gunfire in the background.

And you think at any second one of these bullets could hit this guy. Andn the music is rising in the background the tension too. It’s really intense. This film is a remarkable achievement.

Although, similar to Dunkerque, which I also really like. Character wise, it’s extremely lacking. Dunkirk decided to be a thriller and it didn’t care too much about building character.

It just had people in the middle of a terrible situation and because of how great the filmmaking was. I was on board. Same with this movie. They’ve done very little to give character to these two people.

one of them has a brother, who’s gonna be saved hopefully if they can deliver this message. That’s about it and so there are moments where even though these characters are in constant danger.

You don’t care as much as you could and that’s a little difficult to do. Because this is obviously a technical experiment. The idea of can we do this and I think just them achieving that is good enough.

But if there was a little bit more character for these guys, I think this could potentially creep into all-time status for World War one films especially.

Nevertheless, it’s still a really damn good movie and very impressive to watch.

I’m going to give the  1917 movie an A-minus.

Definitely check this one out in the theater is worth the big-screen treatment.

Guys, thank you so much as always for reading my review. look forward to more reviews very soon. See you soon with another movie review.

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